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Engagement Session

October 25, 2019

Bristol Waterfront | Brittany + Tom | Engagement Session

I am so excited to share Brittany and Tom’s Engagement Session on the blog today!

Brittany + Tom’s Story

Brittany and Tom first met in 2009 through mutual friends. They were at a Phillies game and the whole time Brittany remembers thinking, wow this guy is great. Tom had a girlfriend at the time and Brittany was not one to sabotage any relationship so she just sat back and knew time would run its course. Fast forward to 2011 Brittany and Tom were both single and bumped into each other at a local bar. One thing lead to another and here they are getting married!

The Proposal!

Tom outdid himself with this one! Brittany had a gut feeling Tom was going to propose for a little bit. She wouldn’t let her nails grow out and would walk through the front door at any moment thinking he’d be down on one knee. Tom’s aunt owns a helicopter business and had asked them to be “models” for her website. Brittany had a feeling it would be the day but she was so anxious she just assumed she was over thinking it. Saturday, September 22nd came around and Tom was acting completely normal. They did their normal Saturday errands and got ready for their “photo shoot”. When they arrived at the airport, they were met by Tom’s aunt and her husband (who is the helicopter pilot). They gave Brittany and Tom a quick tour while they were waiting for the “photographer Ozzy” who just so happened to be “stuck in traffic”. After hanging around for a bit, the pilot suggested they go for a quick ride around the city while they waited for “Ozzy”. They boarded the helicopter and made their way to Center City. Brittany had left her phone back at the airport so she asked Tom to borrow his so she could take pictures of the view. Brittany was taking in the views when she turned around to talk to Tom and BAM, there he was with the box opened asking her to spend the rest of his life with him. Brittany said she thinks in those few moments she completely blacked out to the point where she forgot to even say yes! They continued to take a tour of the city then headed back to the airport. As they were landing, Brittany started to see flashes going off. At first she didn’t think anything of it, then she realized it was all of our loved ones on the ground waiting to congratulate us! They had signs, balloons and even brought our pup Duce! After they took picture with everyone, they headed back to their house. Their family had decorated and had food and drinks to feed a small town! The night was absolutely perfect. 

I cannot wait to photograph their wedding this coming February at The Hamilton Manor! Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session!

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